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Privacy Policy of PASSIONANDPASSION.COM Internet Shop

1.    General Provisions
1.1. This Privacy Policy of the Internet Shop is of informative character only. This means it is not legal basis for duties towards Clients or Customers of the Internet Shop.
1.2. Business entity responsible for personal data administration is BKK FASHION SPOLKA Z OGRANICZONA ODPOWIEDZIALNOSCIA (LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY) with its registered office in Nowy Targ (address of office and postal address: ul. Smrekowa 33, 34-400 Nowy Targ, Poland), legally registered with Register of Enterpreneurs with National Court Register at KRS number 0000579660; Registry Court holding company documentation: District Court for Krakow Srodmiescie in Cracow, 12th Department of National Court Register; Initial capital value 300 000 PLN; NIP: 7352864312; REGON: 362702144; e-mail address:; telephone number: +48794964646, hereinafter referred to as "Administrator". The Administrator is also Service Provider of the Internet Shop and the Seller.
1.3. Personal data of Clients and Customers are processed pursuant to the Polish Act of Personal Data Protection from 29.08.1997, hereinafter referred to as "Personal Data Privacy Act" and pursuant to the Polish Act on Rendering Electronic Services from 18.07.2002.
1.4. The Administrator uses best effort to protect the interest of persons whose personal data is processed. Administrator presents special focus on processing the gathered data with respect of the Law, ensuring that personal information is only collected for purposes limited by Law and that it is not processed irrespectively of the Law, as well as that personal information is accurate and only used to identify persons, and it is stored only as long as it is necessary.
1.5. All words, expressions and acronyms used on this website, starting with a capital letter (e.g. Seller, Internet Shop, Electronic Service) should be understood precisely as defined in the Terms of Service of the Internet Shop - available as part of this Internet Shop.

2.  Why do we collect data and who is accessing it.
2.1. Scope, recipients and reason for processing of data by the Administrator are strictly connected with actions taken by the Client or Customer of the Internet Shop. For instance, if a Customer chooses to individually collect the ordered goods (instead of using courier mail), then the personal data of Customer will be processed only in order to enter and execute the Contract - the personal data will not be disclosed, e.g. to the delivery agency.
2.2.  There is a list of reasons for personal data collection and processing by Administrator:
2.2.1.  Entering and execution of the Sales Contract/ Electronic Service Contract (e.g. the Account).
2.2.2.  Direct marketing of own products or services of the Administrator.
2.2.3.  Collecting Customer opinions of the transaction.
2.3.  Potential parties who access personal data of Internet Shop customers:
2.3.1.  Customers using courier mail delivery services  - data has to be shared with delivery agency.
2.3.2. For Customers using electronic payments in the Internet Shop (including credit card payments) - their personal information will be shared with the company who transfers electronic payments.
2.4.  The Administrator may process the following types of personal information: name, surname, email address, phone number, address for delivery (street, number, postal code, town), place of residence or place of business entity registration. Additionally, in case of business entities, the company name and tax identification number may be collected.
2.5.  Entering of the above stated information might be necessary to enter and execute the Contract of Sale or Contract of Electronic Services. The scope of data needed is every time described within the content of the Internet Shop and in the Statute of Internet Shop.

3.1. Cookies are small text files sent by server and saved on your computer when you visit the web page of the Internet Shop.

3.2. The administrator may process the data contained in Cookie files while they are used by the visitors of the online store, for the following purposes:
3.2.1. identification of the Customers of Internet Shop and checking if they are logged-in;
3.2.2. listing products added to the cart by the Customer, in order to submit orders;
3.2.3. data storage of filled order forms, surveys or login to the Internet Shop;
3.2.4. customizing online content of Internet Store towards the individual preferences of the Customer (eg. on the colour, font size, page layout) and optimization of the use of Internet Shop;
3.2.5. keeping anonymous statistics showing how to use the part of the Internet Shop.
3.3. By default, most web browsers available on the market implicitly accepts cookies being saved. Everyone has the ability to determine the conditions for the use of cookies by setting their own web browser. This means that you can eg. partially restrict (eg. in time) or completely disable the ability to save cookies - in the latter case, however, it may affect some functionality of an online store (for example, it might be not possible to place an order online).
3.4. Internet browser settings regarding cookies are relevant to consent to the use of cookies by our Internet Shop - such consent may also be expressed through the Web browser settings.

3.5. Detailed information about changing the settings of Cookie files in your browser can be found below:
• Chrome
• Firefox
• In Internet Explorer
• In Opera
• Safari
• in Microsoft Edge
3.6. The administrator also processes anonymous performance data related to the use of the Internet Shop (IP address, domain) to generate statistics which assist in the administration of the online shop. These data is anonymous and aggregated, and it does not contain identifying characteristics of visitors to our Internet Shop. This data is not disclosed to third parties.

4.1.  The Client/Customer may provide personal data voluntarily. If you decide against providing your personal information please note that it might be impossible to conclude/execute the Sales Contract.
4.2.  Personal data of Client/Customer is processed only in order to deliver goods or services ordered by the Client/Customer.
4.3.  Client/Customer may allow data processing as part of the services evaluation process which they may voluntarily take part in.

5.1. Clients and Customers of the Internet Shop have the right to freely access and correct their personal data processed.
5.2. Every person has the right to control their personal data processed by the Administrator, and to request data correction, completion, update, deletion.
5.3. Client's/Customer's consent for data processing for marketing purposes may be withdrawn at any time.
5.4.  The Client/Customer has the right to express his written request to stop processing or correct personal data used for marketing purposes by the Administrator.
5.5.  In order to request the above, the Administrator should be contacted by in a written form sent by e-mail or conventional paper mail.

6.1.  The Internet Shop may contain links to other web pages. Administrator of the Internet Shop advises you to familiarize yourself with the privacy policies of the other visited internet shops. This Privacy Policy is only applicable for this Internet Shop.
6.2. The Administrator uses technical and organizational measures to protect the personal data processed. The Administrator uses his best effort to prevent unauthorized access, change, deletion of/ to processed data.
6.3. Administrator provides technical solutions which prevent misuse of data transferred electronically over the internet:
6.3.1. Data files protection;
6.3.2. Access to accounts secured by personal ID and passwords;
6.3.3. SSL certificate.